The Truth About Single Moms

Just as I have softened my childhood memories in my novel and melted away some of the pain for my main character Cynthia aptly describes her journey into motherhood and finds a sense of peace in her blog.

2015PromoPosterCollageSaturday I attended a writer’s conference. I had a long-standing commitment to participate on a panel with writers Cindy LaFerle and Lynn Cobb on women’s issues. The always fabulous Cindy LaFerle moderated the panel, so all I had to do was show up and say something smart. Not easy, but I’m a woman, I’ve been through stuff, I’ve written about it plenty.

I also had a spot in the bookstore, giving Luke a final push. Of all my novels, Luke’s #1 Rule has been the book closest to my heart. It’s got the most substance and I don’t just mean the various chemicals Spence ingests.

Like Chloe, I was once a single mother, so I talked about my real experience raising two little boys, trying to decide if dinner would be mac ‘n cheese or hot dogs. Chloe, I realized driving home from the conference, did not have to make…

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Single Moms

    1. I guess I should try and finish it then. I’ve been editing it for years!!! Rewritten it at least four times probably. I think I’m scared of what happens next! It’s my honor to have found you and when I get a second I intend to read Luke. Best wishes….


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