Rockin’ Codgers

Another awesome blog by Cynthia…

Last week my son and his family flew from Seattle to Detroit to visit Al and me. It was so fun to spend so much time with them. Breakfasts! Dinners! Baseball on television! Owen, Owen, Owen:) The first night, I picked them up at the airport, made dinner for us, and fed Owen chicken and string cheese. He played with his new toys and the other unbreakable things I had left around in my child-proof sweep. Then Owen had his bath and bedtime in the nursery nook I made in the guest room.

Al missed all that having gone to the Rolling Stones concert and not returning until 10 am the next day. No, I did not know he would be out all night. He usually comes home. About 5 am I went looking for my phone and there was a mostly inscrutable text about lost keys and dead phones…

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