Distraction Infraction

#Distractions are welcome in my glorious mind space. Let’s party! But not for too long cos I gotta get back to the salt mines, but I appreciate your brief visit and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can because I love to laugh, be active, and social.

Divert#Diversions get a bad rap in general, seeing that road sign injects adrenaline into our blood stream and frustration floods our neurons. But I’m going to ease a little of our negativity and intrinsic guilt and say to hell with it – drive for ten miles further in the opposite direction, and sing out the window at the top of your voice.

We all search for #validation so let’s not fight with this basic urge to chat on Facebook or tweet a pic of the garden/our dinner. Let’s embrace it: watch a funny #YouTube video of your favorite band, or listen to a mind boggling #Ted talk and think on a plane that’s parallel to Everest’s peak. Sizzle pancakes, curl up crisp bacon and twirl to music you’ve just discovered or a friend recommended. I dare you to incorporate distractions into the daily grind to bring in more fun and light.

However I’m not saying that there isn’t a down side to allowing your mind to wander. I sometimes fill my confused head with obsessive, negative thoughts that actually aren’t true e.g. that cookie will not turn me into a size 16. Why can’t I just accept the truth that I need a pick-me-up, and decide to eat healthier when the uncomfortable sensation caused by this untrue thought has disappeared. #Guilt doesn’t last forever.

Other times I try to avoid the pain that a difficult relationship causes, instead of trying to work out ways to improve it. Denial inhibits healing and growth and disrupts the changes that need to occur between you and your peeps.

It takes 90 seconds for an emotion to ride through our super active brains. We have thousands of thoughts every day. We need to react to the positive and true ones and relish the effects they create.


When that disgusting feeling is triggered in your stomach because of fear, anxiety and untrue thoughts – remember that the unpleasantness will pass in a mere minute and a half. Reject these stories we tell ourselves. Your heart is not broken because Joey dumped you. You are an amazing free spirit who can have six boyfriends if you so desire!

Ironically final #childbirth contractions take 90 seconds making the pain bearable. Despite our #fear of birthing women have continued to produce adorable kids to invade our headspace and cause many more distractions.

#Kids are with us for so little time in reality. They sleep at the beginning, they go to preschool at 2 and real school at 5 and they’re gone in six blinks and a rendition of “Where have all the flowers gone?”

My son, who I pushed out dramatically 12.5 years ago, sounds like a man, tries to behave like an adult and focuses on Minecraft and hanging out with his mates. My baby boy-distraction is already leaving the building. So instead of getting stressed when he demands my time when I’m writing I’ll stop and satisfy his needs. I’m going to accept the surge of adrenaline and my voice rising. These feelings of “my son is annoying” will be gone in 90 seconds and they’re not true. His distraction is welcome and so short-lived I’d be a fool not to enjoy every second I have with him. Of course, some days I’ll call back, “Stop being a pain in the ass. Bugger off, can’t you see I’m busy?”

Now my daughter tells me every tiny detail in her head and life. It’s overwhelming at times to actively listen for ten minutes at a time. I swear she doesn’t take a breath. But she too is transforming into a woman at 11 and has interests that have nothing to do with me, and people influencing her that I don’t know. So I need to sit back and embrace the transience of our time. I will miss her chatty ways when the house is quiet and she is all grown up.

I’m hoping my kid distractions stick around, “I love you and savor every last drop that you offer me.” Even if it’s only possible 50% of the time cos I’m human.

On a side note #PTA emails need to be treated with caution and care. Yes they make you deviate from your routine and they can suck. Please stuff envelopes all morning, bake 7 dozen brownies, feed a hundred people at a chess tournament on Saturday. It’s a distraction I tolerate. I don’t say yes every time and I don’t feel guilty when I can’t deliver. I do what I can and celebrate that. If everyone does a little to help their local school our communities will thrive.

#BrendonBurchard (a fab success coach) encouraged his audience to focus on three issues they wanted to prioritize. So I plugged Compassion, Positive Energy and Kindness as a reminder into my diary in the early morning, lunchtime and evening. These daily phone reminders stop me in my tracks, sometimes when I’m on a rampage and make me think that maybe I should put out a forest fire rather than stoke it. So this distraction has positive intentions and results.


According to an article in #Oprahmagazine this month we should sniff lemons, or lemon essential oil and feel energized. Also a recent Japanese study states that checking out baby animal pics online resets your focus and makes us more productive. And my favorite distraction of all is to pop outside for a few moments and inhale a flower’s scent. Life seems more miraculous all of a sudden.

So it’s time to reevaluate and honor that idea of self-love and acceptance so we can embrace distractions and not shudder when we enjoy a moment with one.

Distractions aren’t the enemy – just consider how you use them. They actually give us more freedom and make us more human. That’s unbeatable. As always if our intention is for good then we’ll receive blessings.

Smile long and lightly and let your laughter ripple through every second of each glorious day.

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