Dark Side of a Country

So we struggle with such small things: a niggling pain here, a twinge there, a brow wrinkle and a sag or two. But I looked up as I walked the dog today and my spirit flew above the trees and melted into the rich blue sky above. It was 65 degrees in White Plains in November and the country is voting for a new leader. A woman, after 96 years from gaining the vote (yes we’ve only had the vote a short time) may be leading one of the strongest and most influential countries in the world.

Yet sadness strikes me today, Hilary Clinton is competing with a strange adversary, a businessman, who uses the Trump foundation’s funds to buy portraits of himself, proving his questionable character. Trump refuses to disclose his taxes, he advocates building walls to keep strange folk out (yet this country was built by immigrants, I’m one myself and I am known to make the occasional person smile) and Trump clearly disrespects women in so many ways. How did this happen?

Clinton has had to lower her voice to speak and sound like a man to be acceptable to this so called fair society. She had to be very aggressive in her debate style, and she pushed herself to collapse to hide that she was ill, in fear of seeming weak, yet it’s cold season and everyone gets sick.

So what does this tell us about this country and society?


Clinton is very experienced and has served her country for so long. Yet she has been more investigated than any other candidate in history I believe and has been found NOT guilty, even just this week. Yet, she was scolded by the head of the FBI as a naughty politician that has done nothing out of the ordinary. Hilary has just been caught in the new Hi-tech world of so-called transparency and wants to remain private. I can’t blame her.

I hope every single woman votes today and votes with her heart and soul. I sincerely hope that Hilary can prove our female worth to society and smash the glass ceilings into tiny slithers that suffocate the hardworking women of this country.

I wanted to write about so many more up beat and uplifting topics but I just needed to share my feelings about this historic day. Interestingly this country’s Democratic party chose a black man, a wonderfully intelligent and worthy man, but nevertheless a much less qualified candidate than Hilary last time. So race outclasses gender. Interesting isn’t it?

Women struggle to balance work demands, childcare, disciplining their kids in a kind way versus a more macho, vigorous male way, we forget our dreams, lose our figures, laugh at our faded sexuality and accept this as a fair shot at life. We are scorned if we don’t marry, or if we divorce and God forbid if you decide not to give birth.

Yes I feel that strongly I wanted it to be a glamorous pic!

Well I declare an amnesty.

I ask every female to start asking for what they really need from their friends, family, their husbands and their children in a non-emotional, compassionate way.

A new expectation in my house is needing the dishwasher to be emptied. I’ve started to ask the children to fold their clean clothes and tidy their rooms etc. Our family has chores listed on a white board in the kitchen (best tool I every bought) and we work together before any fun screen time to get it all done or as much as possible.

I am taking responsibility for more of my life, my dreams and my spirit. I’m not expecting anyone to save me on a white horse and if I need a nudge I’ll ask someone to make me accountable. Plus I’ve found support from many different people – young and old, even if I have to pay for it. I’m worth it.

I like my new empowered me.

It’s a calm gentle place, where I sit and let the Universe breathe me. I contemplate life and give thanks for my hard working body. I focus on the beautiful, loving core of my family, hubby and kids. I try to ignore my monkey mind that overthinks everything and I appreciated the tiny white and black, perfectly checkered ladybug that landed on my sunglasses this morning and said Hi.

Life can be better. We can all do better. We need to make small shifts to the right and not accept imbalance. My strong, hard-working, academic daughter said she was grateful for me today. Now that means something awesome!

Gratitude rocks.

Positive thoughts rock.

Please start asking and receiving.

I wish everyone a loving, Darling Thanksgiving.

3 thoughts on “Dark Side of a Country

  1. Love the fact much of your writing resonates with me. Need to get off my a@@@ and buy a copy of your book. Asking what are your needs is a strange concept for a wife and mother yet your family will be better for it.

    Watching the election with bated breathe.


    1. I haven’t finished writing the wonderful manuscript yet Rona, I wish so much that you could buy it. I think it will resonate even more. My blog is just a ditty I write to let peeps know I’m still alive and trying. I’m injured my fingers so typing was impossible I’m just getting back to it now. It’s a real honor that you read any of my work. Yes self love is a concept I’m just not quite grasping as you will see from my next blog if I ever finish it! Much love!


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