Being Longer in the Tooth Rocks!

I’m no expert, but I have a tendency to collect mentors with compelling ideas that are useful and doable. Clarity is my new buzzword. Here are a few ways to greet the day with more support and positive energy.

My intention in my blog is to spread the joy!

This winter, my hubby and daughter decided that she should take up the mighty challenge of becoming an Olympian downhill skier!!!! So my blogging took a back seat.

I focused my small amount of writing time into my novel and it’s paying off, if I can blow my own trumpet. The final chapters of ‘Northern Branches’ are forming into a grand conclusion. There’s no way I could do it without the trusted, insightful feedback from my writing group. So a shout out to Soundshore Writers.

I’m pre-warning friends who are fast, avid readers, that I’ll be asking/begging you shortly to read my latest and brightest version of “Northern Branches.”

We’ve been skiing at Catamount for five years or so and the kids have developed into fabulous skiers and I’m very very grateful to all the hard work of the parent volunteers that has made that happen. Sonia, Doug, Charles you are amazing! It’s fabulous to have children with huge dreams because my daughter has gained a place in a Vermont ski academy, so we’ll be skiing at Mt. Snow next winter. It’s a thrilling and proud-filled time for us.


I ended my skiing at Catamount, by trying to follow hubby down a steep, off-piste, chute directly under a two-man chair. Yes, there was a moment of ‘Oh hell’, a definitive loss of balance, one ski abandoned, and a decent bash on the side of my head, (I was grateful to be wearing a helmet). Thus with a bruised brain and ego, I sulked in the lodge.

Our family had the pleasure of meeting a three-time Olympic ski racer Chip Knight on a trip to Utah. I had started to chat to a smiley lady beside me at lunch and didn’t notice her humble son and very cute grandson beside her. Chip coaches and directs the ski team in Utah. His gracious advice that “it’s all about snow time” and ‘practice and practice some more’ made my daughter’s winter. So the Universe is giving us positive signs for her future.


Digressing a moment, I had another run-in with a Jamaican Olympic potential athlete, who cleaned out my kitchen sink pipes over Christmas. He was young enough to be my son, but I enjoyed him bending down to inspect my plumbing. Oh boy!

Another friend sent a picture of two young, naked men decorating a Christmas tree. She said she was sending them my way after she was done. I don’t know what this says about me, but I enjoy having a naughty laugh to brighten the world.

It’s been a tremendous time for emotional growth for me. My hubby and I are redefining our connection and we’re practicing new communication techniques with our teens. I don’t get it right a lot! Pausing and using “I feel ‘frustrated’ cos ‘you’re ignoring me’ when ‘the dog needs feeding and will starve to death’ is an example of this! There has to be an immediate consequence if they keep ignoring me. Perhaps throwing their iPad out the window or flushing it down the toilet. Just saying!

Some days I thrive and feel like the rest of my life is going to be an amazing journey, and other days I binge watch The Crown or Grace and Frankie in my pjs. I keep asking my inner critic to have a well-deserved holiday!

Somedays, I don’t shower, I often don’t brush my hair and only do oral care when my tongue sticks to my teeth. I returned my hair to its natural, beautiful grey and I love the freedom and financial reward this brings. Anyway, being longer-in-the-tooth rocks!

I celebrated my dear friend’s 97 year old mother’s life at her wake this week and it was so loving and celebratory with Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

At the end of our lives, if we are loved it’s been a great life.

Can we time travel back to Christmas for a moment, remember I wrote the deluxe survival guide to the Holidays, well in full-disclosure-mode I give my humble apologies to the Restivos, Mr. Green and Ms. Stern, our festive companions for being grumpy. I was over-zealous in my cooking choices, even after my Christmas survival blog post. Being a work in progress means it is a long and often arduous journey on the same well-trodden path – every day with me, doggie and sometimes favorite son, when I’m lucky!


I didn’t really appreciate that practice means to fail a lot, pick myself up a lot and keep on trying my best! I gotta listen to the best, sorry Chip!

I’m hoping if I bear witness to my chronic mistakes and bad habits I’ll help others feel less alone. This leads me to describe what I want to share in the next couple of blog posts.

I lead a blessed and often joyous life, especially if I make clear intentions for each day and ‘Find the delight in as much as I can.” I stole these fabulous and simple ideas from Brendon Burchard’s book, High Performance Habits, which I recommended in my last post.

I fully confess that on days when I have had five hours sleep or less, I have been known to go back to bed and nap. However, I try as much as humanly possible to have productive plans and focus on my good intentions.

Each morning when I awake, I’m training myself to open my eyes and say “Thank you for the gift of another miraculous day.” This starts me off on a positive, high energy note.

I’m so grateful to so many expert’s research and knowledge to support my growth, I’m watching Brene Brown’s Youtube video on SuperSoul Sunday with Oprah, where they are talking about dealing with failure and “Rising Strong”. This amazing Psychologist and researcher focuses on the power of vulnerability.

Here’s the link;



I listen to Tara Brach, a mindfulness, meditation guru, who is the real deal. Her talk “Healing Addiction:De-conditioning the Hungry Ghosts”  is very compelling and compassionate. I’m addicted to thoughts that don’t help me believe in myself, and this talk explains what is going on and how to fix it.


Here’s a direct link to the Addiction talk, it’s really worth a listen.


Visit her website

This is a screen shot from my phone of her website, search is top right of her name. I just signed up for her mailing list, I should have done this years ago.



For readers who don’t have the time, or energy to listen, read or watch mentors, I completely understand how overwhelming life can be, so I’ll summarize their wisdom for you in later blogs.

There are so many positive spirits who shine their light and love into the world. 

If you join Burchard’s mailing list you receive weekly free advice, and very cheap insightful online courses are available.

Burchard explains that clarity is the key ingredient for becoming successful and happy.

He suggests setting an event on your phone calendar reminding you of who you want to be in the world. Whether it’s kind, compassionate, neutral or playful, the qualities are up to you.

I see my qualities every time I check my schedule, reminding me to be a supportive, kind and loving human.

Everyone has unique gifts. 


For some it may be nurturing your family, programming computers, singing, playing the guitar, painting, building, cleaning out pipes, planting – everyone has unique gifts.

Be very clear about who you want to be in this world. Think about how you spend your day. What do you do no matter what the rewards are? What makes you smile? Do these activities more!

Tara Brach describes this as working towards your North Star.


Although mornings can be hectic, it’s a great time to set your intentions for the day.

Perhaps add one of two supportive activities as soon as you wake up to help nurture a positive, calm mindset, e.g. a two minute floor stretch routine (perhaps I’ll video a few ideas to share in the next blog) or make a quick mental list or write a journal list of why you feel grateful.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the power of the mind, placebo effect, the power of intentions, belief, motivation and so much more. I can’t wait to share energetic snippets with you.

I’d also very much appreciate your tried-and-tested suggestions to help me navigate this amazing journey!


Live fabulous lives, laugh louder than anyone else

and I hope you find the courage to believe in Amazing Selves!!!!

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