Being Longer in the Tooth Rocks!

I’m hoping if I bear witness to my chronic mistakes and bad habits I’ll help others feel less alone.

A Survivor’s Guide to the Holidays

I’m no expert, but I have a tendency to collect ideas that are useful and doable. Simplicity and clarity are my new buzzwords. Here are a few ways to lessen the burden of holiday stresses and demands. It’s okay to acknowledge that this is a tough time of year, but if we peer closer we'll notice the dustings of magic and joy. Let’s focus on the fun and ease up on the hardship. I know it's a long post so jump to what speaks to you. Blessings.

Forgetfulness and GroundDogs Be Gone!

Are you the type of person who knows and adores someone for years, you meet regularly at book club or at school events, you hug, avidly find out each other’s latest excitements and for the life of you YOU CAN’T REMEMBER THEIR NAME! This is the brain that was given to me.

Ideas to Cope With a Breast Biopsy

So who hates the sound of the dentist's drill? Yes it's enough to make me wet myself and run for the hills. Well having your boob drilled is equally if not more intoxicating and quite frankly violent in many respects, even if it is deemed necessary by many fractions of the medical community.

How to Tame Disappointment

I’ve been disappointed recently by the size of my butt and belly, no matter how much chocolate I don't eat they keep growing:   My preteen and teen kids' attitudes have been very taxing at times, and I’m upset that summer is coming to an end for another year. Also I was emotionally distrurbed when … Continue reading How to Tame Disappointment

What To Do When You Are Too Attached To Something Or Someone

So who doesn’t love pizza? When that warm, melted cheese coats your tongue and the smooth, orange grease oozes from the sides of your lips. Ok, I’m getting a bit carried away, but yes I used to be attached to pizza in a massive way. These gluten free days not so much, and I feel … Continue reading What To Do When You Are Too Attached To Something Or Someone

The Honesty Exchange (Revisited)

This may start a little strange but the advice is solid!


I wrote a post many years ago about this concept, but it was through the lens of two back-to-back relationships ending. The concept behind it was sound and something I continue to practice in my daily life, but the examples I used to present it back then were, in my opinion, too personal and not the most effective ones to get the message across. This is my attempt to do it better.

In the world of kink and BDSM, we talk about the “power exchange.” I love to focus on the word “exchange,” not as a “one gives and one takes,” but as a mutual give and take between the people involved. It looks a little bit like the symbol for recycling – not a one-for-one exchange, but symbiotic exchange running on a continuous loop.

This particular post isn’t so much about the exchange of power in BDSM, but about…

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Stick With It

A lady close to my own heart. Always trying to grow and nurture her better selves to come to the fore!

Rewrote the end of the manuscript I’ve been working on for a few years now. The first and last chapters always need the most revision. But I think this time I’ve got it. The photo is of the finally finished product. I say finished by that’s just the story I’ve told. Now I need to edit, add chapter headings, and construct a timeline. These are things I’d rather not do, but do them I must. Only then, when I feel the narrative is as tight and the writing as polished as I want it to be, can I send it to my editor.

I have a lot of experience sticking to my writing projects. In other areas of life, I’m not so great. I’ve gained and lost weight for 25 years, never able to stay for long on the slim end of the scale. I’ve also started and abandoned every…

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